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Product Name
  1. 1786 New Jersey Copper, Narrow Shield, Curved Plow Beam NGC VF30BN
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  2. 1793 1C Flowing Hair Chain Cent, Periods S-4 PCGS XF40BN
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  3. 1793 1C Flowing Hair Wreath Cent, Vine and Bars (S-8) PCGS MS65BN (CAC)
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  4. 1794 1C Large Cent Head of 1795, S-70 Denticled Border NGC MS64
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  5. 1796 1C Draped Bust Large Cent, Reverse of 1795 (S-93) PCGS MS64BN (CAC)
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  6. 1804 1C Draped Bust Large Cent, S-266c PCGS VF25
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  7. 1825 Medal Saxony Kingdom PCGS SP62BN
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  8. 1847 1C Braided Hair Cent, N-10 PCGS MS65RB Ex.Naftzger (CC#1 by Grellman & Noyes)
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  9. 1848 1/2C Braided Hair Half Cent Restrike PCGS PR65BN
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  10. 1848 1C Braided Hair Cent, N-28 PCGS MS65RB Ex.Naftzger (tied CC#1 by Grellman & Noyes)
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  11. 1852 1C Braided Hair Cent, N-17 PCGS MS65RD Ex.Naftzger (called MS68 and CC#1 by Noyes)
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  12. 1864 2C Two Cent Piece, Small Motto MS64BN (CAC)
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  13. 1867 2C Two Cent Piece, Doubled Die Obverse MS64BN (CAC)
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  14. 1913 1C Lincoln Cent NGC PR67 Red
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  15. 1955/55 1C Lincoln Cent Doubled Die Obverse PCGS AU55 (CAC)
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  16. 2000-P SAC$1 Sacagawea Dollar, "Cheerios" variety PCGS MS68 Signed TD Rogers
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