1856-S $20 Liberty Head Double Eagle 17C PCGS AU55 Ex.SS Central America with Pinch


Ex. SS Central America, second recovery (with a Pinch of gold). One of the foundations of coin collecting is the ideology of 'history in your hands.' The discovery of the 1857 S.S. Central America shipwreck in September 1987 provided one such rare opportunity. The subsequent salvage efforts revealed a staggering treasure of thousands of freshly minted gold coins and other important artifacts. All of the recovered coins are veritable time capsules. Most of the coins recovered are preserved in amazing condition. That is not surprising; considering that most never had the chance to enter the channels of commerce. But some wonder how a coin; such as the current piece; could be so well preserved after being on the bottom of the ocean for 130 years. This question is easily addressed. The recovery; certification and subsequent marketing of the S.S. Central America's golden cargo during the past two decades shattered old notions regarding the rarity and value of several issues and not only introduced new buyers into the market but also changed the manner in which existing collectors approached the design and scope of their collection.It has almost become a mandatory necessity for a serious and astute collector to own a specimen of our nation’s history from an unanticipated time capsule like the SS Central America. More selections can be found at www.aucm.com.Reasonable offersand trades are always considered! If you don't see it - it doesn't mean we don't have it or know where we can find one for you! 

More Information
PCGS # 8919
Grading Service NONE
Year of Issue NONE
Grade NONE
Denom Type N/A
Numeric Denomination $20
Mint Location NONE
Designation NONE
Circ/UnCirc Not Specified
Strike Type N/A
Holder Variety Ship of Gold Oversized Holder, with a Pinch
Grade Add On NONE
Holder Type N/A

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