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BG- 419, 1853 California Gold Rush, Circulating Fractional Gold 50C, Liberty Round, NGC MS63 R8 - Sole Absolute Finest!


This is indeed a rare opportunity presented by AUCM. Greatly desired and rarely offered, Only 5 pieces of the BG-419 exist (confirmed by Stacks-Bowers in August 2021). And this offering from AUCM is the absolute finest in NGC MS63. It is the sole piece graded by NGC, while PCGS has graded 3 of them. The finest PCGS example is graded MS61. 

According to the August 2021 Stacks-Bowers auction catalog:

It is a lovely Mint State example, with surfaces that feature a soft satin texture that is very smooth for the assigned grade. Dominant deep honey-orange patina blankets both sides, and there are delightful highlights of iridescent pinkish-rose and powder blue. Most design elements are sharply defined, and the strike is nowhere less than bold for a coin from this challenging series.


Close up image of the obverse of this coin from the Stacks-Bowers auction of August 2021.


Close up image of the reverse of this coin from the Stacks-Bowers auction of August 2021.

The obverse features the traditional coroneted Liberty head facing left, surrounded by 11 stars. The reverse has the year 1853 within a wreath that is tied neatly at the bottom. Around the wreath is found CALIFORNIA GOLD HALF D. Take a look at the images of this great rarity, with its attractive rich golden yellow coloration. If you are a specialist in truly rare California Fractional Gold, and have the necessary resources, then this may be a great piece to add to your numismatic holdings.




Period One - circulating issues between 1852 and 1856.

Redbook Type: Large Liberty Head / Date in Wreath, HALF D. 1853-1854

Made by M. Deriberpie.

Obverse: 12 stars; bust point touches border; 1st star below and near chin. 9th star below upper bun of hair.                                                                  

Reverse: CALIFORNIA GOLD HALF D around and outside of rim, 1853 within. Same as BG-417 and BG-418.

Burnie 12; Lee 6E; D 324D.

More Information
PCGS # 10455
BG Number 419
Grading Service NGC
Year of Issue 1853
Grade MS63
Denom Type California Fractional Gold
Numeric Denomination G50C
Mint Location Private Issue
Designation NONE
Circ/UnCirc Uncirculated
Strike Type Business
Holder Variety BG-419
Grade Add On NONE
Holder Type N/A

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